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Talk of Nick Cannon as of late always revolves around his sex life and his fruitfulness in his seeming multiple relationships since his divorce from Grammy Award winning singer Mariah Carey. Nick Cannon is typically the butt of contraceptive jokes such as when actor/comedian Kevin Hart sent him a vending machine full of condoms. However it appears that Nick Cannon father of about seven does believe in ‘wrapping it up’, it’s just not because he isn’t trying to multiple but rather he doesn’t want to catch, as old school women would say, ‘nasty woman’s disease’ AKA germs.

Just when you thought Nick Cannon was about to start wearing a rain coat and stop on seven, during a recent ‘Language of Love’ podcast, Nick Cannon revealed that he will wear two condoms during sex, and that although he has five baby momma’s, he is very picky over who gets the raw dog.

“When it comes to hygiene and all, I’m the biggest germ freak in the world. I will put on two condoms.”

Speaking of germs and health Nick Cannon in the same interview also say’s that he doesn’t believe monogamy is healthy either stating that it creates selfishness and ownership in a relationship.

I wonder does he feel that women shouldn’t practice monogamy either??…Just curious.

Take a listen to Nick Cannon talk about sex, relationships, health and germs in the video below.

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