Snowfall Season 5, Episode 4

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John Singleton was arguably one of the greatest film director’s in Hollywood, best known for writing and directing Boyz n the Hood back in 1991, with a career that transcended with classic black films before his untimely passing at the age of 51 years old back in 2019.  The Poetic Justice film maker was just drawing us in with his intriguing project ‘Snowfall’ that airs on ‘FX’ at the time of his death leaving fans wondering what would happen to the series that made us fall in love with a teenager named, Franklin Saint, twisted in a story line that is based on some realities?

The answer… was everyone on the project pulled up their boot straps and dredged forward to making ‘Snowfall’ officially the most watched television show airing on ‘FX’.

Congratulations are most definitely in order as Franklin, Louie, Jerome, Leon and even that raggedy rouge CIA Agent ‘Teddy’ are number one and the news was dropped by Snowfall star Damson Idris aka Franklin Saint in an Instagram post breaking the news that Snowfall has nearly 5 million viewers a week along with a tribute to the man that gave them all the opportunity to be number one the late great John Singleton.

“Snowfall is officially FX networks most watched show and that is thanks to you guys, the fans,” 

By the way tune into the Sam Sylk Show as we will be interviewing Isaiah John aka Leon to fined out whether Peaches has got a cold or has Peaches been dibbling and dabbling in the herb.

Snowfall airs on FX Wednesday’s at 10pm then streams on Hulu the next day.

Take a look at Damson Idris post below

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