2022 NBA All-Star Game

Source: Tim Nwachukwu / GettyMacy Gray performed the her rendition to the National Anthem in Cleveland at The NBA All-Star game on February 20, 2022, with some questioning why LeBron James was smirking and why actor Bill Murray seemed to be donning a bewildered face during her performance which prompted a slight dragging on social media. Macy Gray when asked about it at the time didn’t know that there was an issue or dragging going on. But if you are familiar with Macy Gray’s style of music then you would know that her ‘Star Spangled Banner’ rendition was on point for her as an artist and if you are familiar with the Canton, OH stelo , then you would know that if you kept poking that bear you would eventually get bit and that’s exactly what has happened almost a month later with people still dragging her, so she posted a little video letting her haters know what they can do.

Macy Gray took to TikTok, to click clock on haters/draggers, with a special message:

 “All I can say to y’all is, honestly, go suck it, you know what I mean. Suck a big fat one. You can lick my pinky toe. Introduce you to my finger, you know whichever you like.”

Welp there you have it…you guys asked for it and you now got it, a response.

Take a look at Macy Gray’s special announcement video below.

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