PWS5_509 Tommy Egan (Joseph Sikora)

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Tommy Egan changed area codes from the Big Rich Town to Chicago after his brother Ghost became a ghost now he is making moves to run his own city, his on way.  Why is Tommy taking up roots in the Chi “I want that money,  powder, power and respect ♫” and fan favorite Joseph Sikora sat down with Sam Sylk and Bijou Star of  The Sam Sylk Show on 93.1 WZAK in Cleveland with a big announcement of him wanting the same as Tommy and getting it, well minus the powder.  Sam Sylk also said that he seen Tommy’s car posted up on the corner in Chicago and was going to roll up on him, however Joseph Sikora was quick to let the Sylky one know that rolling up on Tommy would not have been a smooth choice.  Joseph Sikora also spoke about the creative genius of 50 Cent and the team that he say’s that is great than anything playing on television now hands down.

A huge fan favorite from the Starz Power Universe is Joseph Sikora who survived the original ‘Power’ made an appearance in ‘Power Book II: Ghost‘ only to now be the FORCE to be reckoned with in his own spin-off ‘Power Book IV:  Force’.   Tommy Egan’s reemergence has been so huge that after just 5 episodes and Fifty threatening to pull out the strap on Starz, they are renewing ‘Power Book IV:  Force’ for season two right now.

Take a listen Joseph Sikora talk Power Universe, his future and what he is thankful for in the interview below.



Sam Sylk Show with Bijou Star

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