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Whether people will admit it or not for the most part old schooler’s hate remakes because if we are being honest there is typically nothing better than the original.  The new school tries but for the most part they come up short.  However on Valentines day 2022, Silk Sonic, everybody’s new school/old school super group, dropped Con Funk Shun’s 1982 timeless smash hit classic ‘Love’s Train’ and upon first listen you, with your eyes closed, you would have sworn Anderson .Paak was Michael Cooper.  But the question was were we listening to a little bit of auto tunes on the ‘Love’s Train’ remake on the masterful album ‘An Evening With Silk Sonic’?

The answer would be NO!!   Silk Sonic stayed true to the original ‘Love’s Train’ and killed it live on the 2022 Billboard Music Awards stage, doing the original players, Con Funk Shun proud.

If you are that special lover, And love keeps you tied to another, That’s the way it goes on love’s train

Ironically Con Funk Shun’s legendary cult favorite ‘Love’s Train’ was never released as a single, the song ‘Love’s Train’ was what is called an album cut from their album ‘To The Max’  and ‘Love’s Train’ was based on a true story.  According to Con Funk Shun lead singer Michael Cooper:

“A tall pretty young lady came to the studio in San Francisco and (singer/multi-instrumentalist) Felton Pilate moved on her quickly. About a month into their relationship, she slides up to me and says she really wanted me,”

And from that came scenario came the lyrics to what is called Con Funk Shun’s national anthem.

If you asked the old school you would find out that many of you new schoolers were conceived to ‘Love’s Train’ and Bruno Mars along with Anderson .Paak recognized that instead on making something their own, that was already a masterpiece, it wasn’t broke so why not just pay homage to it and before they walked away with the Top R&B Song and Top R&B Tour award they made a debut performance of Con Funk Shun’s legendary Quiet Storm hit ‘Love’s Train’.

Take a look at Silk Sonic slay ‘Love’s Train’ at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards and Con Funk Shun’s Live from Jamaica performance in the video below.

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