Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

Whether people want to believe it or not, when baby boys are born not all mothers choose to have them circumcised.  So there are some brothers walking around today with a turtle neck on their Johnson.  The question becomes ladies do you need a warning about that turtle neck?

During an episode of  “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood,” back in 2015 Omarion and his girlfriend at the time Apryl had a  discussion about getting their son, Megaa, circumcised which led to the tea spillage that Omarion’s solider resembled an elephant and he need to have the procedure done as well.  So the boy band singer got that extra knocked off.

In 2022 Omarion is sharing in an interview that back in the day he didn’t warn ladies about what they were about to see, until the ugly one eyed monster reared its head.

Ladies should a man warn a woman about what they are about to see prior to sex or nah?

Take a look at the video below then give us your answer.