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It’s always fun to reminisce with friends as well as reflect on the past.  Michael Ealy with his sexy hazel eyes recently reminisced on the time Taraji. P Henson embarrassed him about his not so sexy body odor.

We have all heard hilarious stories that actresses’ tell about ‘the kiss’ in a love scene while filming, either it was sloppy, the breathe was a little tart etc. etc..

Michael Ealy in an interview talked about the love scene between him and Taraji P. Henson that Taraji put to a screeching halt and told Michael Ealy that he was a little ripe.

According to Michael Ealy:

“So Taraji who I love immensely; we’re from the same hometown,” “One of the coolest people you ever meet and the most talented people you will ever meet — we are doing a scene in Think Like a Man Too and I just had a kid. I didn’t get a chance to really like work out or prepare for this role and stuff.” “Right before this scene where I’m like shirtless in the bed with her and stuff like that, I did about 250 push-ups right…“I was glistening and I’m laying down with her and we were in between takes, and she’s like kind of like in here, because I’m kind of on top of her. We’re just sitting there in between the take, and she says to me, she goes, ‘Hmmm, you kind of ripe,’”

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