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The craziness in the world is getting worse.  Former President Donald Trump after four years caused a historic riff in America during his exodus by proclaiming that Biden stole the election.  He recently officially threw his hat in the ring to run again in 2024.  Last week Donald Trump had dinner with antisemites, now it seems he has an agenda for re-election, to terminate the U.S. Constitution.

Before we get started, before you say the constitution wasn’t for us, anyway.  You better think long and hard.  Because if Trump gets his wish do you think what he has in mind would benefit you?

According to a report former President Donald Trump fueled controversy over the weekend by suggesting that parts of the U.S. Constitution should face “termination.”  Trump is claiming the conversations between Twitter and political officials had revealed “a massive fraud” so serious that it “allows for the termination of all rules, regulations, and articles, even those found in the Constitution.”

Take a look at the video below then give us your thoughts.

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