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How many times have you heard of someone calling the police to come out to a car accident, an altercation or a domestic issue and it takes them forever to come?  Well an Ohio woman called the police because she didn’t get her burger her way and not only did they show up, but the cop ended giving the woman a big mac attack.

Allegedly Latinka Hancock called the police because she didn’t get enough cheese on her Mac, the restaurant wouldn’t accommodate her which led to an argument.  What was caught on camera was two police officers showed up, an argument ensued between the police and Ms. Hancock, it appears they tried to restrain her but then ended up punching her in the head several times.  Latinka Hancosk was then taken to a hospital where she was diagnosed with head injuries.

Latinka Hancock reportedly told officers she had been given a refund, but she became upset when officers said they intended to file a trespassing report.  The police claim she smelled like alcohol.

Latinka Hancock now has an attorney and the police are now investigating.

Back to the first paragraph, police really took the time to come and investigate missing extra cheese, then physically assault (allegedly) the complainant??

Take a look at the video below.

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