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Adoption is a blessing to families that can’t have children or just want to help a child out of a situation that isn’t in his/her best interest.  For the most part when a family adopts a child, that child becomes theirs as if he/she was birthed into the family, typically the birth parent signs over the child and that’s the end of their story.  You hear of children later on in life wanting to connect with their birth mother and privacy issues at times hinders the reunion.  But none the less it’s a touchy, touchy, case by case situation.

Teyana Taylor who is starring in a Sundance Film Festival smash hit, that will drop nationwide March 31st, “Thousand and One“, about a free-spirited woman Inez (Teyana Taylor) who kidnaps her six-year-old son Terry from the foster care system, is of the belief that that mothers should be given a second chance to connect with their children after giving them up for adoption.

“It’s never too late to love. It’s never too late to give, it’s never too late to change, it’s never too late to show and give grace. And I think that that’s the most important thing is knowing that it’s never too late, and also knowing that a mother’s love is something that can’t be replaced or erased. So for me, it’s never too late for a mom to want to do better.” –Teyana Taylor

A Thousand and One opens in theaters everywhere March 31

Do you agree with Teyana Taylor?  Take a look at Teyana Taylor’s interview below, then give us your thoughts

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