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Everybody has a story, although some peoples story might be more viral catching than others.   For instance Klutch Sports Group CEO, Rich Paul.  Cleveland native, Rich Paul, fell into destiny when he met LeBron James at the Akron-Canton Airport as a throw back jersey sales men.  Now his job is to make sure he makes great financial decisions for athletes much like the ones he was selling replica jerseys that fateful day.

As private as Rich Paul may be, his spot-light turned into a microscope to the social media world when he started dating, Grammy Award wining singer, Adele.

Adele as of late during her shows had reference made a having a husband reference and referred to her self as a wife who wants to start a family. Now inquiring minds want to know did the ever so private Rich Paul marry Adele in private fashion??

Rich Paul while appearing on CBS In The Morning to talk about his book, was asked the question about whether or not he had in fact married Adele who he has been dating since 2021.

Surprisingly Rich Paul responded.

“She’s been great for me; we’ve been great for each other.”…“You can say whatever you want.”

Rich Paul’s book Lucky Me: A Memoir of Changing the Odds, drops October 10, 2023.

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