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May 12, 2010. Investigators are waiting for evidence that the mother of the victim believes will prove that a family friend raped the little girl.

Police say an 18-month-old girl has the sexually transmitted disease gonorrhea and are investigating if she got it from a rapist. No one has been charged, as Baltimore City Police wait for medical results.

“We know who he is. Detectives feel relatively sure that they know how to get in touch with this individual, but once we get the physical examination all lined up, then we’ll move forward,” said Detective Donny Moses, Baltimore City Police spokesperson.

Mothers in Cherry Hill–where the abuse happened–are disgusted.

“If somebody was to do something to one of them [her kids], they would have to lock me up,” said Julia Moore.

Evidence of the little girl’s abuse and gonorrhea was documented at the Baltimore Child Abuse Center. This is where hundreds of kids come every year to be interviewed and examined in order to help prosecute their abusers.

Last year, more than 800 city kids reported that they were abused.

“Because people are living in different situations, you’ve got new family dynamics and people out of work and people who are living differently than they lived two years ago and, as a result, sexual abuse is on the rise,” said Adam Rosenberg, Baltimore Child Abuse Center.

Police say the child’s mother believes the abuser is a family friend. Ninety percent of victims nationwide know their attacker.

“We’ve been pretty good since 9/11 that if we see something suspicious, we should say something. We need to do the same thing within our households, our soccer fields, our neighborhoods–that if we see something suspicious or don’t like the behavior, we should report it,” Rosenberg said.

The neighborhood is anxious to hear of an arrest.

“I really want to know what goes through people’s minds that’s like that. I mean, what makes you do stuff like that? It’s just sickening,” said Rummel Carr.

If medical results support the claims, the person could be charged with child abuse within the next few days.

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