If there’s ever a time to wonder and worry about what to wear, it’s when you’re getting ready for a first date. If you’re like a lot of people, nothing — and I mean nothing — in your closet looks appealing as you try to prep for that big first encounter.CLICK HERE

Remember that no one is expecting you to look like the cover of a fashion magazine… All you really have to do is follow a few simple rules so you feel your most attractive and confident. Then you’ll sail past what I call the “surface test” and get on to the more substantial stuff.

To help you do just that, we got some great advice from Robert Verdi, who’s earned his style stripes hosting the show Fashion Police on E! Entertainment Television’s Style Network. Herewith, his first-date fashion tips. They’re fun, easy-to-follow—and guaranteed not to cause emotional stress or credit card debt.

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