You place your precious angel in its crib, tip-toe out of the room, turn on the baby monitor, creep to your bed, lay down, and then…. “Wahhhhhhh!” Your baby is up and shrieking at the top of their lungs, again.

It might not seem like it at the moment, but hope is in sight. By age 6 months, nighttime stretches of nine to 12 hours are possible. In the meantime, a little creativity can help you sneak in as many zzz’s as possible.

Suggestions for the weary

There’s no magical formula for getting enough sleep, but these tried-and-true tips may give you a few ideas.

Sleep when your baby sleeps. Turn off the ringer on the phone, hide the laundry basket, and ignore the dishes in the kitchen sink. Your chores can wait.

Set aside your social graces. When friends and loved ones visit, don’t offer to be the host. Let them care for the baby while you excuse yourself for some much needed rest.

Reclaim your bedroom. At first, it may be most practical to share a bedroom with your baby — especially if you’re breast-feeding. But if your baby’s breathing, squirming, and general restlessness keep you awake, separate rooms may be the key to sound sleep.


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