Do Women Encourage Men To Be Dogs?

While surfing the web, I came across a chat board that posed the question whether women encourage men to be dogs? Blank stare. There were actually men who stood by this idea and argued it passionately.  He went on to say that when women dress seductively they are encouraging bad behavior from men. Of course I disagreed.  My first reaction was to wonder how in the hell can a woman encourage a man to be a dog? If it were that easy to encourage them to do something then more women would be encouraging men to be loyal to them. But then I thought about it more and realized that this situation is possible. However only in certain instances.

For instance, those women who know that the guy has a woman/wife and still gives him the time of the day when he approaches her. Sure, the majority of the blame falls on him for cheating on his girlfriend but at the same time the mistress must and I repeat must take some responsibility. Especially if she is fully aware of the fact that he has a woman and still decides to become involved with him.  Another situation would be where a woman is complacent about her man’s cheating rather than encouraging. She knows her man is cheating but stays with him

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Other than that, I cannot immediately think of a situation where a woman purposely encourages a man to be a dog. Sorry fellas. The bottom line is that we all have free will. We all were born with the little voice in our head that tells us the difference between right or wrong. Or at least we should. It is our decision whether we are going to listen to that voice. It would be no different from a woman who chooses to be a cheater or to use men for money. Even if she has had a negative past with men, the bottom line is that it ultimately is her decision how she is going to respond to those experiences. Is she going to allow those experiences to taint her?

So can a woman encourage a man to be a dog?  In certain circumstances, I would say yes. However overall I would answer hell no. No one can truly force anyone to behave in any way. Especially to sleep around. Remember fellas, we all have free will. There is no one to blame for whorish behavior besides you. The idea of someone “making” you be a whore is laughable.

What do you think? Can a woman encourage or provoke a man to be a dog?

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