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When you think of your life in balance, what do you imagine? Is your house clean after a night out? Are your kids fed and a good movie on TV? Do you feel content just because responsibility and pleasure have both fallen into the same day? Personally, I like to have everything mostly in place in my life, the easy and difficult intertwined to balance out my mind and make me feel secure. When something doesn’t go as planned, it can throw the balance out of whack and sometimes it can be hard to break the cycle.

For some people, this doesn’t happen very often because they just go with the ebbs and tides of life. Most of the time, it’s easy to go with the flow, but when there’s a lack of balance in life, as the yin and yang goes, does it change things? I’ve been thinking about this idea lately because when it’s been a long week and something goes wrong, it’s hard to not feel off balance. For example, forgetting your cell phone at home or not packing extra money is an inconvenience, but also can make you feel vulnerable or out of sorts. Does an unnoticed security come with keeping your life balanced and ordered or is it more complex than that?

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If you’re the most comfortable when things are going your way, then you’re like most people. It’s hard to let go of yourself and just let things happen as they’re meant to happen. Having a balance in life is what many religions and mantras state as being one of the calmest states. It’s true, though – when you feel like you’re been given both challenges and freedom in succession, then you feel accomplished and peaceful at the same time. However, this balance also gives you a sense of security that you’re doing fine even if not everything is perfect. You could be stressing about your next move, but know that with the bad comes the good in an endless circle of unity. It’s the security in knowing that nothing stays the same forever and that bad situations shall pass, leading into better pastures. Security is also the opposite of vulnerability, which is what happens when things feel “off-balance.” Should this be the way your mind deals with the changes that inevitably come up in life?

Having equality in all areas of life is impossible most of the time. It’s pretty rare when everything feels completely perfect, yet it’s what we strive for. The trick is learning to live with the imperfections of complete balance and strive to have as much unity in your life as possible. That might mean calming yourself down when something doesn’t go quite the way you planned, but assuring yourself that everything will balance out eventually. Balance doesn’t necessarily have to mean security, even it might make you feel secure. Life is an ever-moving sphere of changes and feeling off balance for a day or more doesn’t have to be such a trial. The quote, “This too shall pass” is actually a comforting line in these types of situations, representing the idea that everything always comes full circle. It’s important to remember that balance is a relative idea and that whatever you consider to be “stressful” might not even be a cause for concern. By realizing that balance is all in your mind, then you can truly come to realize what real unity and peace is.

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Therefore, it’s vital to remind yourself occasionally that balance and security are all in your head – what may seem balanced and secure to one person might be off-kilter to another. It’s all about finding your stress-free zone and realizing that you can feel secure even if everything isn’t going your way. It’s all about tricking your mind into changing its tune and realizing that some things are just meant to be the way they are. Sisters, nothing is set in stone, so make your life as stress-free as you want it to be!

What gives you balance and/or security in your life? Post your ideas below in the comments.