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Most people have sexual fetishes, even you. If you say that you don’t you’re lying! Some are super weird, and that’s okay but DL gives us a run down of some of the most common ones. So, you might not be as weird as you think you are! One of the most common fetishes is […]

According to a new study over half of young people in America do not have a steady romantic relationship. Some by choice others by circumstance. Black young adults were found less likely to be in steady relationships than young white people. This could explain why there is a decreasing of children being born and the […]

People really hate being called racist. So much so that they’ll actually argue with you and try to convince you that they’re not racist. Oddly enough there are a few phrases that they love to use that actually aren’t that effective. Like, “why must everything be about race?,” or “I used to date a black […]

Faith based  adoption agencies in Michigan that receive tax payer funding will not be allowed to turn away same sex couples of members of the LGBT community. The AG has recognized that a 2015 law that allowed agencies to refuse to help couples of the same sex was discriminatory. And it’s about time! Don’t Miss […]

Just about any woman you come across will tell you that she hates being cat called. If you want to speak to a woman walk up to her and introduce yourself, cat calling almost never works. One of the most annoying cat calls is, “I don’t mean to offend you but…”, most of the time […]

Comedian George Wallace works just about every day! He takes all kinds of gigs, corporate, private and even church. He says he does the church gigs and “people are cursing in church now.” Especially when they can’t open their wine for communion. He says he works so much because he loves it. He’s going to […]

We all know the saying “You never kick a man when he’s down,” but apparently Donald Trump doesn’t understand it. He has been harassing a dead man! John McCain passed away about a year ago and Trump still feels the need to remind us that he didn’t like him. A man who is no longer […]

Over one million former felons in Florida were given their right to vote back in the 2018 midterm election. This was exciting news and thousands rushed to register to vote. But, now it’ll be a little harder for them to exercise that right. Florida has passed a bill stating that in order to register to […]

D.L. Hughley Show

Who would have guessed that Ray J would go from playing the knucklehead Dorian on “Moesha” to becoming a boss in the tech field. The California native stopped by the D.L. Hughley Show to discuss all of his projects… and trust us there’s a lot. Learn about them ALL above! The D.L. Hughley Show airs weeknights on […]

For some reason there are a number of products that cost more for women than they do for men. Why? We don’t exactly know. But we can let you know what a few of those things are! One is deodorant…maybe women sweat more? Also razors cost more for women, probably because companies try to make […]

Emergency rooms are reporting high numbers of young people checking in with mental health related issues. Teens and minority youth have been increasingly seeking help for mental illnesses. Visits have reportedly spiked 54 percent among teenagers, 53 percent for Black youth and 91 percent for young Hispanic people. DL wonders how many of those people […]

Scientists are reportedly growing mini brains in dishes in their labs. Yes, you read that correctly, scientists are growing brains in an effort to cure Motor neuron diseases. They’re made from human brain cells and are able to connect to spinal and muscular tissues. According to scientists it’s similar to the brain of a fetus […]