1. What Type of Person Is Your Friend? dude who gets frisky with her girlfriends. On the other, you want to protect her feelings. 2. How Far Did He Take It? “If it was innocent and wasn’t a true overture, you don’t have to alarm her by telling her,” says Greer. 3. How’s Your Friend […]

Antidepressants Antidepressants and other psychiatric medications tend to flatten those out those dips and spikes, which can often lead to lower arousal. Fatigue You need to choose a time of day to have sex when you’re at an energy peak, not when you’re feeling the most stressed and exhausted. Relationship Stressors… Read More… Source: http://www.glamour.com/health-fitness/blogs/vitamin-g/2015/10/common-things-kill-sex-drive […]

Men Say:  Being over-emotional: “Although I totally understand that women are by nature more emotional, my date or girlfriend has to be able to roll with the punches and not sweat the small stuff,” said Rick, 34. Ignorance: So some men don’t like dumb women! Lying Lack of social skills Women said:  Lack of affection Not actively […]

@TheKymSellers931 with YOUR LOVE ADVICE: Dear Kym Sellers, I am not sure if I am supposed to even be asking you this kind of advice. Me and my friend have known each other for about five years; she and her ex boyfriend broke up two years ago. They were only together for three months. In […]

1. He watches a lot of porn: Most men love porn. However, if he can’t get it on without a porn flick in the background (bow chicka wow wow!), the sex might just suck. 2. He has a big neck:  3. He has sleep apnea:  4. He’s circumcised:  5. He has a large waist… Read More…. Source: http://www.yourtango.com/2015281986/7-unfortunate-signs-your-crush-bad-sex Do you think about how […]

1. They don’t complain about their relationship to their friends or family. 2. They don’t compare themselves to others. 3. They don’t play the victim. 4. They don’t take themselves TOO seriously. 5. They don’t criticize…. Read More… Source: http://www.yourtango.com/experts/rabbi-shlomo-slatkin/11-things-happiest-couples-avoid Are you and your mate happy? Comment Below!

Hello Barbara, this is Shirley. Last night Twitter was in all of its messy glory after rumors of infidelity in Victor Cruz’s relationship with his fiancée, Elaina Watley, hit the web. According to the rumor mill, Watley got fed up with her dude and his (alleged) philandering ways and decided to blow things up by bluntly […]

1. DON’T WEAR THIS. Sure, it’s your house, but you don’t need to lounge around in your undies or some sexy version of around-the-house clothes. You’re definitely going to be sending the wrong message. 2. WEAR THIS. Many of us don’t have an actual chastity belt, so because of that, make sure your mind is the chastity belt. […]

If your man has been complaining that condoms make it difficult for him to stay hard during sex, you may want to show him this. According to a recent study of 479 men ages 18 to 24, a lot of guys who claim that condoms desensitize them have erectile problems to begin with. The good news […]