Another day, another Matt Lauer story. This has been a tough week for the “Today” co-host, whose shaky footing at the morning show was the subject of a lengthy piece in New York magazine. Deadline Hollywood reported on Wednesday that the network approached CNN host Anderson Cooper to replace Lauer on “Today” before his contract […]

High school pranks are usually a sign that the school year is a coming to a close. However, one prank went from harmless to scary real fast for school officials first but now for the student accused of pulling the prank. Tyell Morton ,a senior at Rushville High in Indiana, said he thought it would […]

In light of recent headline news, of a girl throwing baby puppies into a river and animal cruelty cases such as Michael Vick, there is something you can do to fight animal cruelty. FOX 8is fighting for the cause and they need our help. It is only a click away. Watch here…

Vista, CA (PRWEB) August 11, 2010 – The church in the United States is in a general state of decline, with fewer than one in five Americans attending on a regular basis and almost 8 million – 150,000 per week – leaving churches each year. To help invite them back, Outreach Inc. is offering “reDiscover Church,” […]

Matthew Lee Anderson, author of the forthcoming Earthen Vessels: Breathing New Life into a Broken Faith and blogger at Mere Orthodoxy: Within the happy confident hope we have in Christ (Jesus is still Lord, and nothing can undo that), evangelicals need to expand their intellectual horizons. While this is a landmark decision, it comes amid […]