Whitney Houston has chosen to extend her rehab treatment after completing a 30-day program to tackle her substance abuse issues, according to a report. The singer, who has long battled drug and alcohol addiction, enrolled in an out-patient rehabilitation program in California last month to seek help for her personal problems. The Bodyguard star’s stint […]

Wilson, said that none of his earlier setbacks crushed his passion for singing. “I did a lot of damage to it, but I really try hard,” Wilson said last week in a phone interview from his Southern California home. “I have the passion for this, and I just sing right through it. I stay prayed […]

Personal communication has come a long way. We used to travel for days, weeks or months to actually see a person and deliver a message. Then we developed the postal system, the fax, and then email. And over the last couple of years, additional methods of communication have exploded. Unfortunately, or fortunately, most of these […]

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