Nigerian terror squad Boko Haram has pledged allegiance to ISIS, according to an audio statement released today, reports the BBC. The message came via Twitter, as…

WASHINGTON – Apparently “The Decision” sits worse with one man than working for the terror leader behind the 9/11 attacks. The former translator for vile and now-dead Al Qaeda head Osama bin Laden seemingly has little regard for former Cavalier LeBron James. In a declassified letter to the Washington Times, Muhammad Rahim wrote, “Lebron James […]

http://www.bvblackspin.com According to the NY Daily News, President Barack Obama‘s step-grandmother, Sarah Obama , is under 24-7 surveillance, because Al-Qaeda wants revenge for Osama Bin Laden‘s murder. 580Share The Somali-based Al-Qaeda group, Al Shabaab, is said to be furious with the death of their leader. So much so, that Kenyan authorities had to step in […]

During in the 1970s, when the Russia was the biggest threat to America and radical Islam was not as a concern of the USA’s, the USA began funding and training Islamic militants to fight our Russian enemies in Afghanistan. These militants, known as the mujahideen would rebel the Russians out of Afghanistan and later become […]