CLEVELAND – Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson and Police Chief Calvin Williams announced plans for a community tip line to help police on unsolved violent crimes. Jackson and Williams said a tip line for violent crimes and homicides will become active Sunday. Detectives will man those lines from 1-5 p.m. All tips will be anonymous. Williams […]

Police officers have responded to the video and will plan on doing everything necessary to defend themselves and protect the city of Cincinnati   CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) – Cincinnati Police say they are aware of a threat from the ‘Anonymous’ hacker group and have taken necessary precautions to keep officers safe. The group posted a […]

One Oscar voter is getting candid about the Academy Awards  nominees, and even attacked Ava Duvernay‘s Best Picture hopeful, Selma, in an anonymous report for The Hollywood Reporter. The anonymous, female voter ripped apart the film about Martin Luther King, Jr.’s march to gain voting rights for Black Americans that started in Selma, Ala. She said that while it […]

  Hacker activist group Anonymous has released audio of alleged St. Louis area police or possibly EMS radio dispatch. The dispatch content reportedly occurs on the day and time of Michael Brown’s death at the hands of a Ferguson, Missouri, police officer. Some highlights of the recording include: At 9:40 the dispatcher can be heard stating, “Ferguson has a […]

The international hacker group called “Anonymous” has joined the protest of Mike Brown’s death in Ferguson, Missouri. Anonymous calls itself a “hacktivist” organization and has targeted…