Ben Carson

Housing Secretary Ben Carson experienced somewhat of a brain fart during an exchange with House Democrat Katie Porter in which he appeared to mix up the common foreclosure term “REO” with Oreo cookies. The gaffe quickly went viral on social media on Tuesday, prompting Carson to offer to send a package of the chocolate-cream cookies to the […]

The former doctor strikes again. Ben Carson is unqualified to be the secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). From his family’s alleged involvement to blocking Obama’s Small Area Fair Market Rent rule to a $31,000 dining room set — Mr. Carson reeks of incompetence. However, he is also unqualified to have any discussion about race, considering his only reply […]

The former doctor spit out an offensive talking point that comes straight from Fox News.   Ben Carson is  doing his best to make people forget he is unqualified to be the secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). From the beginning, his mission appears to be to prevent low-income people from obtaining fair housing. […]

Marcus Smallwood slammed the doctor in an email.   Y ou know you’re a disaster when people are calling you out — and it’s not even anonymous, which is the case for Ben Carson. Last month, he was accused in a lawsuit by Helen Foster of demoting her for not approving extravagant office renovations. Now, another other HUD official is […]

This is an unsurprising announcement.   Ben Carson just dropped another comment that will most likely make Black folks sound the alarm again. The secretary for the U.S. Department Of Housing and Urban Development wants to remove “urban” from the title. “I believe that there has not been enough emphasis on rural poverty. It’s very substantial. […]

SMH.   Republicans are celebrating the passing of the disastrous tax  bill. It’s the one piece  of major legislation the Trump administration has been able to pass and, arguably, the most dangerous. Sadly, the bill pumps up the lie of trickle down economics, helping corporations instead of the middle-class, and will destroy the cornerstone of […]

Residents don’t trust Carson’s promise to help them after he tears down their homes.   Ben Carson, the brain surgeon and former Republican candidate appointed as the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, has announced that HUD will shut down both public housing projects in Cairo, Illinois, a rural town in Southern Illinois. In a […]

The HUD Secretary also said that a ‘wrong mindset’ will keep people poor.   Ben Carson made another tone-deaf statement Wednesday with saying that poverty is merely a “state of mind” in a new Sirius XM interview, reports The Huffington Post. Carson added that someone with the “wrong mindset” who has been given “everything in the world” […]

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson got trapped in an elevator during his visit to public housing units in Miami, Florida earlier today, the Miami Herald reports. In a hilarious twist of fate, the painfully unqualified surgeon turned politician was riding the elevator with Miami-Dade County Public Housing Director Michael Liu and five others, when […]

The actor wasn't the only one who took to Twitter to show their disgust for the new HUD secretary calling African slaves "immigrants."

Another major Black figure decides to visit Trump Tower.   Following rapper Kanye West’s highly publicized visit to Trump Tower, and the announcement that singer Jennifer Holliday will be performing for the president-elect for inauguration, host Steve Harvey joins the ranks of Black people clamoring to connect with the reality star/mogul turned politician, Donald Trump. Harvey, who […]

Updated Thursday, Jan. 12, 2017, 12:48 p.m. EST: Ben Carson sat before a Senate committee Thursday morning to make the case that he should be confirmed to lead the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Carson leaned on his upbringing growing up in inner-city Detroit and his family’s need for public assistance, although they never […]