Beyonce talks bonding with her baby and defends her decision to have heavy security at the hospital while she was giving birth.

A couple weeks before Queen B delivered her little bundle, Blue IVy Carter, she released her video for her single “I Care.”

Beyonce's new baby Blue Ivy Carter is the devil incarnate -- this according to some heartless vandal who defaced the sign in front of a North Carolina church yesterday ... writing, "Beyonce had her baby. Satan is on Earth."

Let the gifts start pouring in for Jay Z & Beyonce’s new baby girl Blue Ivy. Oprah sent over a “trunk” of children’s books to baby Blue. It was a fitting choice of present for the woman who became the savior of the book industry, and who started her own school. Moreover, Oprah has a […]

The internet will not stop buzzing with speculation about Jay-Z and Beyonce’s daughter, Blue Ivy. Is her named tied to the Illuminati? Did Beyonce have a surrogate? The list goes on. It was originally reported that Beyonce had a C-Section, but through a statement released from Jay-Z and Beyonce, Bey insists she had the baby […]