CLEVELAND – While thousands came out for Black Friday, thieves are also poised to take advantage of distracted shoppers with hundreds in purchased items. I was out overnight for the rush at Steelyard Commons and talked with a crime-fighting team out in force. They’re trying to prevent the surge in burglaries, so-called “crimes of opportunity,” […]

Waffle Maker Riot Captured Black Friday 2011 has seen its share of noteworthy, bargain-fueled madness. Shoppers lined up earlier than ever to take advantage of midnight openings and to get discounts at some stores that even opened on Thanksgiving Day. There have been reports of shoppers pepper spraying one another in the hunt for deals […]

Did you miss the latest Access Cleveland? If so, don’t worry you can listen to the podcast right here!  The biggest shopping day of the year is right around the corner so we brought in our shopping expert, the Charismatic Couponista, to break down the deals and savings happening this Friday!  Listen to the FULL […]

Consider this your Black Friday heads up! Macy’s and Target doors will open at midnight for post-Thanksgiving-dinner savings and exclusive offers! Expect other stores to follow suit!

After the release of Lil Kim’s “Black Friday” mixtape people were wondering when Nicki would speak on it, or if she would at all. Well the wait is over check out the snippet to her Lil Kim diss track “Tragedy” below!

Why Are Women Such Haters? By Blackie Collins on Feb 17th 2011 1:30PM Filed under: Video Comments (9) Email This Let’s be very honest with ourselves: we all watch reality television for the drama, the “real life” depictions of crazy housewives from popular cities, baby mamas, basketball “stars,” and random celebrities that are famous for […]

Daily SMH: Lil Kim’s Nicki Minaj Diss Is a Desperate Cry for Attention by Andreas Hale Posted Nov 29th 2010 3:24PM It had to happen sooner or later right? Lil Kim released her diss record directed at Nicki Minaj over the Thanksgiving weekend titled “Black Friday.” Is the diss warranted or a cry for attention? […]