Black Hair

Fed up with her wigs and weaves – and all of the blood, sweat and tears involved with the constant upkeep – Tamar Braxton has decided to do away with her hair altogether. The singer took to Instagram Wednesday with video of her head being shaved bald. “I’m over feeling captive to a wig, weave, people, people’s […]

You: "I love my hair!" Other You: "You look like a f***ing auntie."

A video captures a Black woman confronting a White Man about his dreadlocks, accusing him of cultural appropriation. The incident happened on San Francisco State University's campus. School officials are investigating.

President Obama speaks out on how our culture has affected black women and the beauty standards they currently face.


An eighth-grader was reduced to tears and utter embarrassment last week when she was sent to the principal’s office for simply wearing her natural hair.…

Try as we may to take care of our precious hair, some of our most beloved daily routines could be doing far more harm than good.

Viola Davis’ performance on the critically acclaimed ABC drama How To Get Away With Murder won over fans, especially after the powerful scene featuring her character…