Since Donald Trump too office in 2017, racists and bigots across America felt emboldened to let their true feelings be known, and as if on cue highend fashion brands like Prada, Moncler and more recently Gucci have been releasing blackface inspired collections as if to appease a certain MAGA base. Needless to say that there’s […]

The host’s racist roots don’t want her. Megyn Kelly is out at NBC and the obvious thought was that she would return to her racist roots at Fox News. Not exactly. See Also: Bring It Home! Best Damn Reactions To Andrew Gillum Destroying Ron DeSantis In Florida Debate According to the Daily Beast, Fox News has been […]

Roker has been with NBC since 1978. Al Roker is a legend at NBC and has been with the network since 1978. He has seen them come and go, and we all can’t wait for the moment when Megyn Kelly joins those who have left. Fortunately, Roker had some choice words for  the overpaid television host who sees […]

Oh Halloween. A fun holiday where you’re usually allowed to creatively express yourself without any restrictions. Except of course if you want to dress up as a Black entertainer, or historical figure. On Tuesday, NBC News host Megyn Kelly held a roundtable discussion where she literally seemed shocked that a university put a mandate on […]

Users found the filter problematic and dubbed it “digital Blakcface.”   Creators of FaceApp are under fire after users rallied to remove a controversial filter less than 24 hours after its release. FaceApp, a popular photo editing service, offers several features to its customers. But on Wednesday users were outraged to discover they could change their […]

Protests erupted at Oklahoma State University Monday after another student posed in blackface and posted the image to social media. It was the second time in a week that white students posed in blackface on social media. The first incident took place on Martin Luther King day. Last week, student Kandice Burgess apologized for posting a […]

A law professor causes a firestorm for wearing blackface to an off-campus Halloween party. Students and faculty are calling for the professor's resignation.

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A Gambian model, who has gained notoriety for her rich, dark skin tone, came under attack on social media after a follower accused her of being a White woman in blackface.

Another tweet showed her sporting blonde braids.   Pastor Mark Burns, a Black Trump surrogate, apologized for tweeting out two controversial photos of Hillary Clinton on Monday. One depicted her in Blackface, while the other showed her with blonde braids. The tweets accused Clinton of pandering to Black voters and set off a firestorm of reaction, only […]

A private Christian university in Spokane, WA is under fire after members of the women’s soccer team dressed up in blackface in an attempt to honor The Jackson 5, Fox 13 reports. The photo caught the attention of many on Instagram on Monday, after the athletes from Whitworth University appeared as the legendary group at an unaffiliated team event. Dressed […]

A fundraiser to benefit the officers in the Freddie Gray case was canceled Wednesday due to backlash from the main event: a former Baltimore police officer performing in blackface. Bobby Berger, 67, planned to perform an Al Jolson routine in blackface to raise funds for the six officers involved in Gray’s unlawful April arrest and […]

In response to a picture posted to her Twitter and Facebook accounts that shows son Bobby Deen in a brownface portrayal of Ricky Ricardo (I…