bouncing back

CHARDON, Ohio – The people of Chardon rebounding to the point where they are on this day one year after the deadly high school shooting shouldn’t come as a surprise. Most of the vigils and public displays are taking place on Chardon Square, land that is a reminder of the Geauga County community’s ability to […]

The Only Way to Find Mr. Right is By Being Mrs. Right by BounceBack, 8 hours 41 minutes ago By Marnie Nir for Here’s the good news and the bad news: only way to find Mr. Right is by being Mrs. Right. You have to be boldly willing to check your own stats – […]

After Everything…3 Things Jennifer Lopez Can Teach Us About Love By Alex Rock, Editorial Staff People often wonder about the qualities possessed by those who seem forever in – and forever out – of love, versus, let’s say, those whose relationship status remains steadily single or part of a couple. I’m not sure which […]

The Ex Factor: 4 Signs That You’re Carrying Emotional Baggage By Alexandra Dean Hitzler, Editorial Staff Feeling the pain of a past breakup is perfectly okay. After all of the effort and time it takes to maintain a relationship, it’s hard to just forget about it once it doesn’t go as planned. However, clinging […]