The Wilmington, Delaware location at the center of the viral video is reportedly back in business following its reopening and inspection after a cease and desist letter was issued, though it is unclear exactly when, and what action had taken place to make sure the location is cleaner. A viral video showing mice or rats running […]

SIMPSONVILLE, S.C. — A South Carolina woman’s hilarious reaction to the empty shelves in a Walmart bread aisle is going viral. The video, which was posted on Facebook Thursday, shows Nikki Smith sliding dramatically when she notices there is no bread. She said the video is simply meant to bring humor to the situation. READ MORE: […]

  YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – Schwebel Bakery has withdrawn some of its products from production after Listeria was discovered at its Youngstown bakery, the company said Wednesday. Schwebel wrote that there is no evidence that its customers or products were affected, but the company has withdrawn the products as a precautionary measure.   READ MORE: Article and […]

A part-time Burger King employee in Japan recently found out the hard way that management does not smile upon lounging atop piles of burger buns. The employee posted a photo of himself in the aforementioned position to the Twitter account, @inotayuta. The handle has since been deactivated, but not before the photo went viral and […]