(RNN) – Despite the cries of hundreds of protesters on Capitol Hill and several outbursts in the gallery, the saga of Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination came to an end on Saturday, when the Senate voted 50-48 to confirm him as the newest associate justice. President Donald Trump will sign a Commission of Appointment and […]

(RNN) – In a dramatic 50-minute speech on the Senate floor, Sen. Susan Collins of Maine said she will vote yes on the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court, giving supporters a 51-49 advantage in the deeply divided body. “My hope is that Brett Kavanaugh will work on the court to […]

President Donald Trump incredibly managed to dip to a new low on Tuesday night, while holding a rally in Southaven, Mississippi where he openly mocked alleged sexual assault survivor Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. Until now, Trump has managed to maintain at least a semblance of decorum while discussing last week’s hearing looking into the allegations made against […]

The American Civil Liberties Union have decided to announce their opposition to the Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh, breaking their organizational policy. The ACLU doesn’t support or oppose candidates for political or judicial office, but the organization passed a resolution where they would make an exception following an “extraordinary meeting” held by the national board. “The ACLU’s board of directors, deeply concerned […]

CLEVELAND – Former Cavs center Chris Dudley was one of the men allegedly involved in a bar fight in Connecticut in the 1980s alongside Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, according to reporting by the New York Times. A witness to the fight, which occurred after a UB40 concert in 1985 during Kavanaugh’s junior year at Yale, […]

It’s 1991 all over again…   Judge Brett Kavanaugh was busy Thursday defending himself against sexual assault accusations, pulling all the stunts and tricks to squeeze his way onto the Supreme Court. However, he seemed to be channeling another person accused of sexual misconduct — current Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, who was accused of harassing Anita Hill during his […]

Sen. Ted Cruz was just trying to enjoy a meal of boiled monkey parts flavored with braised deer scalp and a tall glass of iced bat blood at a Washington restaurant when he was forced to leave after activists learned of his location and began peppering him with questions. The hecklers, also known as people […]

Donald Trump continued his streak of defending accused abusers while simultaneously attacking alleged victims this morning. Just before 9 a.m., Trump took to Twitter to speak his mind about Christine Blasey Ford’s request that the Federal Bureau of Investigations look into her claims that Judge Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her when they were both high […]