COLUMBUS, Ohio – Imagine this scenario, or for some of you, it’s been a past reality. You’re in the shower and the water suddenly shuts off. You’re covered in soap. You go into distress. Then rage overcomes you. In a Facebook post, Cody Vickers documented a similar scenario that happened in Columbus while he was at a construction […]

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) – Cleveland 19’s investigative team has uncovered a city-wide issue that is putting thousands of Cleveland residents at risk. Each year, the Cleveland Division of Fire responds to hundreds of calls for people trapped in elevators. Records show many of those calls are for rescues at senior housing complexes, like the Euclid Beach Club Apartments […]

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) – Deanna Dionne moved to Cleveland, from Michigan, a few years ago to grow as an artist. Her parents were artists and fostered creativity at home. Dionne started her career doing illustrations, painting and website design. She founded the business Cleveland Street Glass in the Spring of 2016. “My car was broken into within […]

CLEVELAND – Water damage caused floors of the Cuyahoga County Justice Center to close on Thursday morning. Flooding caused by a broken water heater closed floors 21 through 23 of the building. Crews are actively working to repair the issue, which is expected to be resolved in the next 24 hours. Scheduled trials have been […]

  ROCKY RIVER, OH (WOIO) – The ice jams have broken in Rocky River Friday causing the Rocky River to rise. Authorities say the ice jams shifted and the water is rising rapidly from the Metropark Marina down to the mouth of the river. It happened around 1:00 p.m.   READ MORE: Article and Picture Courtesy of WOIO […]

  CLEVELAND – 75 Cleveland patrol officers have been found in violation of departmental rules and regulations for their roles in a deadly November chase. Disciplinary hearings for the officers will begin immediately, according to McGrath. 19 officers face charges that could lead to a suspension of 10 days or more, he said.  Those officers will be […]

UPDATE MAY 2: A New Jersey mom denies that her 5-year-old daughter’s sunburn was caused by a trip to a tanning salon. Patricia Krentcil told NBC that she brought her child along to the salon, but the girl was never exposed to UV rays in the booth. “I tan, she doesn’t tan,” Krentcil said on […]

RAVENNA TOWNSHIP, OH (WOIO) – Troopers say Joshua Frey, 35, turned himself in Monday to the Portage County Municipal Court. Frey was with his attorney and his bond was set at $50,000. According to the Ohio State Highway Patrol Ravenna Post, Frey was in a 2005 Chevrolet Venture van was driving northwest on SR 14 […]

BROOKLYN, OH (WOIO) – A Cleveland Browns player was involved in a bad accident on I-71 North in Brooklyn. It happened around two p-m on I-71 at West 65th. Police say Defensive End Marcus Benard was operating a motorcycle, when he crashed into a wall. Benard was transported to Metro, with a broken arm. He is currently […]

Plus-size fashion rules are for the birds! They’re designed to shame women into hiding their bodies, rather than empowering them to just wear what they want! Bottom Line: Rules are meant to be broken. Wear what makes you happy! “Head-to-Toe Black is The Most Flattering”—While I certainly love my monochromatic looks, I’m also in love […]