The unique blanket can be found at many websites including Etsy and Vesaints Stuff.  Prices can vary depending on the store and outlet.   SAN ANTONIO — A burrito blanket is making waves on the web. The cozy 5-foot tortilla will take your Netflix and chill session to new heights. A Reddit user posted the blanket on […]

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) – Is Ohio City Burrito trying to make Kevin Love fat? The restaurant posted they have plan to #MakeLoveFatAgain and also stated this plan involves lots and lots of free guacamole. In the Tweet Cleveland Cavaliers forward Kevin Love is pictured next to some guac. READ MORE: Article Courtesy of WOIO […]

DENVER – If there was ever a reason to play an online game, it would be winning free food. Chipotle has launched a new game that puts a player’s memory to the test and rewards them with a free entree from the restaurant. Chipotle’s “A Love Story” match game went online Tuesday and promises to […]

Burger King seems to have hit their stride in a huge way. It’s still just fast food, sure, but they’re keeping things exciting. BK is embracing technology and shifting their menu around to keep the fan base on edge. After a few minor missteps in the R&D department they’re now selling TONS of hot dogs and modifying their flagship Whopper in ways that […]

A 37 year old nurse who allegedly had sex with a 13 year old boy was arrested again this week after sending him a love note wrapped in a burrito, police said. Amy Blose, a married mother from Norman, Okla., allegedly asked the boy’s classmate of the boy to take him a breakfast burrito she […]