Shepard Smith took a moment at the end of his Wednesday broadcast to criticize Donald Trump’s “belittling” of Jim Acosta and trashing of CNN earlier in the day. Trump even went so far as call CNN a fake news site. Trump’s first press conference as president-elect appeared to be an unofficial airing of the […]

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"We've heard your concerns about last week's video. We made a mistake, and want to get better at earning the trust of our black audience,” posted the media company.


A BuzzFeed video went viral recently, garnering more than a million views, with a simple premise: what if black people said some of the stuff white people say to black…

7-year-old Tiana Parker has dreadlocks and according to Deborah Brown Community School in Tulsa, OK it is unacceptable and she is not presentable. Check out the heartbreaking story of a little girl who’s self worth has just been victimized by a group of grown school administrators. According to Buzz Feed, the Deborah Brown Community School’s policy has specific rules […]