The defense team for George Zimmerman, the man charged with murdering unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin, has launched a new website, Facebook and Twitter account designed to dispute misinformation and provide “a voice for Mr. Zimmerman.” “We understand that it is unusual for a legal defense to maintain a social media presence on behalf of a […]

In a surprise decision Tuesday, former Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Pa.) announced that he is suspending his presidential campaign, all but putting an end to the Republican primary. “We made a decision to get into this race at our kitchen table, against all the odds, and we made a decision over the weekend that while this […]

After 16 seasons of being on the air, ABC’s reality dating game show, “The Bachelor” has managed to fulfill a void for various eligible contestants. However to some fans disappointment, the show’s lack of diversity has raised a few questions as to why there has never been a non-white bachelor? Last year show creator, Mike […]

Rick Santorum Calling Obama Names!?!? Watch Video Below:   Source: WorldStarHipHop

The trailer for “The Road We’ve Traveled,” the new 17 minute short film about President Obama’s first term in the White House, has been released ahead of next week’s full premiere. [Scroll down to watch.] The mini-doc is directed by Davis Guggenheim, the Oscar winning helmer of Al Gore’s global warming film “An Inconvenient Truth” […]

President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign plans to release a 17-minute documentary next week about his first term in office, reports the AP. Campaign manager Jim Messina says the film was directed by Davis Guggenheim, whose credits include the Oscar-winning, “An Inconvenient Truth,” about Al Gore’s global-warming campaign. Messina says the documentary will “put into perspective […]

Jennifer Hudson sings to her old self in a new Weight Watchers commercial that contrasts svelte J.Hud with the plus-sized version of the star. In a commercial for the weight loss program reminiscent of the passé trend of living celebrities doing duets with dead stars, an upgraded Hudson does a beautiful rendition of “I Believe […]

Celebrities are jumping on the bandwagon to help get President Barack Obama get reelected. New York Knicks player Carmelo Anthony (pictured) is among several former and current NBA players who will be participating in a basketball fundraiser for the president. Since there is no season coming up anytime soon, NBA stars are coming together for a different […]

Oh snap! If Benetton hoped its new ad campaign would generate buzz, mission accomplished! The fashion label’s “Unhate” campaign features pics of world leaders, digitally altered of course, making out! The pics make it look like they’re kissing each other. President Obama, for example, is lip-locked with China’s Hu Jintao and, separately, Hugo Chavez. Other […]

Media mogul, Oprah Winfrey, has voiced her continued, unequivocal support for President Barack Obama, silencing the questions that no one has had the nerve to ask. In the wake of recent rumors spreading like wildfire that she will not be supporting the 44th POTUS – either due to rivalry with First Lady Michelle Obama or fear of […]

The campaign trails have opened up and candidates have been throwing their hat in the ringleft and right, but you have to be able to pay to play. nd not only has the GOP been unsuccessful getting their money trail blazing, but they haven’t been that great at producing a candidate for President either. According to President Obama’s campaign […]