The fact that he didn’t even have sense enough to be embarrassed said it all. On a recent episode of the HBO reality show “Hard Knocks,” New York Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie struggled to remember something that, for most fathers, is a no-brainer. Cromartie had to use his fingers to count all the children he […]

It’s 9am and you have arrived at work…your inbox is overflowing with emails, your desk is full of paper work, the voicemail light is blinking on your phone, you have work from yesterday to finish, co-workers are stopping by for information and you still haven’t had your morning coffee. Turn your morning work marathon into […]

You’re about to leave work and meet your bo for some quality time, but you’re called into a meeting. This occurrence can cause havoc on your relationship. When your significant other begins to drop hints that he is feeling neglected you know its serious. Hey, your career is important to you and so is your […]

Never mind Monday morning — does every day at work get you down? Most of us can’t just quit our jobs…but we can do little things to make work better.