Colin Kaepernick may be blacklisted from NFL teams over his kneeling protests, but the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback may soon own a team instead. Apparently inspired by Diddy’s interest in owning the Carolina Panthers after its current owner Jerry Richardsonannounced he was selling the team amidst sexual and racial harassment allegations, Kaep expressed interest to Diddy on Twitter. […]

Here’s a NFL history lesson 2017: Did you know in the history of the NFL, a league that is comprised of 70%  African Americans, has never had an African American majority owner? Well Hip Hop mogul Sean Jean Combs AKA “P. Diddy” wants to change that, as news is being bantered about that the Carolina Panthers […]

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton abruptly walked out of his Wednesday news conference when someone asked about his offense’s ability to consistently get yardage in “big chunks.” Newton paused when asked the question, rolled his eyes and said “next question.” He then exited. He was approximately a step away from the podium as another reporter attempted to […]

Cam Newton Ripped For Sexist Remarks To Female Sports Reporter   Within the last few years Cam Newton has been quite the controversial figure in the world of sports, a trend that has continued with his latest remarks. During a press conference after a recent game, the Carolina Panthers quarterback aimed very sexist remarks at […]

Our favorite Black quarterback Cam Newton covers Ebony Magazine’s April/May issue with his mother where he opens up about losing the Super Bowl, fatherhood and being “the realest.” The article also highlights Cam as a dedicated and caring son. The interviewer recalls Cam walking onto set where Future was blasting. He greeted everyone then requested […]

Cam Newton responds to critics who bashed him for walking out of the Super Bowl post-game press conference.   Cam Newton isn’t here to be liked, he’s here to win football games. At least that’s what the 26-year-old said in response to backlash he’s facing after walking out of the Super Bowl post-game press conference. […]

SANTA CLARA, Ca. — Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton stormed out of a press conference following his team’s Super Bowl loss Sunday. One video reveals why he may have walked out of the event. The press conference was held at Levi’s Stadium after the Panthers fell to the Broncos 24-10. During the event, Newton’s answers to the media’s […]


Calling out Newton, Romanowski tweeted: "You will never last in the NFL with that attitude. The world doesn't revolve around you, boy!"

Not everyone is here for Cam Newton’s dance moves. For Rosemay Plorin of Nashville, the Tennessee Titans game against the Carolina Panthers was supposed to be a great experience. It was Plorin’s fourth-grade daughter’s first time at an NFL game. But she didn’t appreciate Cam repeatedly dropping the “dab” on her Titans en route to […]

The Carolina Panthers may play in Charlotte, but they represent both their city and North and South Carolina. Therefore it’s not surprising that in the…