This will make the second time that Sheree has lost her coveted peach.   The self-proclaimed “bone carrier” Sheree Whitfield may need to find a new title for herself because multiple sources have confirmed that she has once again been fired from Real Housewives of Atlanta. However, this time it’s allegedly because of her incarcerated boyfriend, […]

This will be the first child for the couple together.   After a truly bizarre 2017, singer/actor Tyrese has been relatively quiet this year. He’s managed to limit his social media activity and refrain from beefing with other celebs. In line with his new calmness, he decided to share that he and his wife are […]

Apparently, doing the right thing makes you unemployable.   In today’s current backwards climate, standing up for what’s right and taking a stand against unethical treatment can make you unable to get a job. That’s exactly the case for Eric Reid, who was the first to kneel alongside fellow NFL player Colin Kaepernick, and still […]

Michael B. Jordan is continuing to add to his already impressive resume.   You would think that with the massive success of Black Panther actor Michael B. Jordan would take some time to chill for a bit and enjoy the fruits of his labor. Well, that’s apparently not his style, as he has just been confirmed to […]

Prosecutors say that the alleged incident falls outside the statute of limitations.   As the #MeToo movement continues in Hollywood, one of the first straight, male actors to come forward, Terry Crews, was recently served with some disheartening news. Earlier this week it was determined that no criminal charges would be filed in Crews’ sexual […]

Nice to see celebrities using their platform to give back to those in need.   Celebrities often make headlines for what projects they’re working on, what’s going on in their love lives and what they’re wearing on the red carpet, so it’s nice when they’re in the news for doing something to help others—and Will […]

Just another way that ‘Black Panther’ is changing the game!   At this point the success of Black Panther really centers around the simple question of “how high will it go?” With every passing minute the record-breaking hit film is raking in more money than anyone thought possible, but the real success story is how the film’s […]

And the Hollywood sequels just continue.   Hollywood has always had a fascination with sequels and remakes, but it seems that over the last few years they have overdosed on them. Case in point, actor/comedian Chris Tucker has just confirmed that a fourth entry in the Rush Hour franchise is officially in the works. In a new […]

Waithe’s star just continues to rise in Hollywood!   There is a whole lot of #BlackExcellence going on in Hollywood right now and writer/creator Lena Waithe is definitely reaping the benefits. It was just announced that TBS has decided to move forward with the pilot for her series Twenties. Fresh off her historic Emmy win for […]

The rapper maintains his innocence and feels he’s being unfairly targeted.   Lately, rapper Nelly is making the headlines for all the wrong reasons—and they all center on accusations of sexual assault. The latest claims about him are that he allegedly sexually assaulted a woman while on tour in the UK. After his prior sexual […]

Drake continues to spread the generosity around.   Drake continues his recent generous streak in hefty monetary fashion. It was just revealed that the chart-topping and award-winning rapper gave a very welcomed donation to a local Miami women’s shelter. Per TMZ, Drake surprised a local Miami shelter housing women and children with a $50K donation earlier […]

We simply cannot wait for this!   It’s getting closer #TGIT fans! That’s right, the highly-anticipated crossover episode of ABC’s Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder is closer than you think, as the premiere date and first on-set look has just been revealed. When it was first announced a few weeks ago, fans were immediately scrambling to […]