A Chicago restaurant manager, has been placed on suspension after he  allegedly threw a chair at a Black teen who had walked into his restaurant last week. “I’ll kick your a–,” the restaurant’s manager, Matthew Fezzey reportedly yelled toward 18-year-old John “Kyle” Johnson. “This is my place of business.” Moments later, Fezzey swung a chair at […]

Democratic officials are taking advantage of Kathy Miller’s comments that landed her in hot water. Comments made about African Americans by the Chairperson of the Mahoning County Donald Trump campaign has led to her resignation. According to the British newspaper The Guardian, Kathy Miller told one of their reporters that racism didn’t exist before President Obama. The […]

Lester Holt was originally scheduled to sit in the NBC Nightly News anchor chair for six months whileBrian Williams served out his suspension, according to CNN Money. But now that it appears that Williams is unlikely to return, it is increasingly likely that Holt will remain in the anchor chair, writes the news outlet. From CNN: […]

CLEVELAND – Cleveland police arrested a mother for beating her daughter with a belt, then tying her to a chair naked. Officers said the girl 9-year-old had both her arms and legs tied with welt marks across them and belt marks across her forehead. Authorities said the girl also had a black and blue left […]

A new study suggests that the reasons they stray may have more to do with the power they wield than with their, um, masculinity. “The likelihood [of infidelity] increases the more powerful someone is,” says study author Joris Lammers, an assistant professor of psychology at Tilburg University in the Netherlands. The research was published in […]