If the sandwich does well during the testing period, it could roll out nationwide.   SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – The Cheetos and KFC deities have finally joined forces to create the Cheetos Sandwich. The special sandwich is currently being tested in several states including Virginia, the Carolinas, and Georgia. Here’s a little breakdown of the Cheetos […]

MONROE, La. – A Louisiana woman is accused of breaking into a home, stripping naked and taking a bath while eating the homeowner’s Cheetos, according to MyArkLaMiss.com. Evelyn Washington, 29, was arrested on Tuesday and charged with simple burglary and criminal damage to property in the home invasion. According to a police report, a woman returned […]

(WMC) – If you’re looking for a nontraditional turkey this year, there’s a new recipe sweeping the internet you may want to try. Reynolds Kitchen released a series of recipes featuring chip-covered “flavor blasted” turkeys–just in time for Thanksgiving. Front and center is their Flamin’ Hot Cheetos turkey. The Cheetos are crushed up and coated […]

The restaurant will also offer desserts and cookbooks.  The entire menu can be seen here.   NEW YORK (KRON) — Cheetos fans are going to love a “cheesy” new restaurant in New York. “The Spotted Cheetah” will be a ‘pop-up’ restaurant that serves up nothing but Cheeto-infused treats like Cheetos crusted fried pickles, Cheetos meatballs, […]

If there’s one thing we all hate (and this is everyone), it’s the fact that enjoying Cheetos, like enjoying anything with glitter on it, comes at an exceedingly high cost. But Taco Bell, which has already put Cheetos in both its burritos and sliders understands the anguish you feel when that horrible orange dust gets in […]

Burger King has introduced quick, affordable and often weird snacks in its fast food lineup in times past, but their latest invention could either be a game changer or a major failure. The chain is set to debut next week the Mac N’ Cheetos snack, a deep-fried concoction of macaroni-and-cheese covered in a crunchy Cheetos coating. […]

If you were seeking another reason to pack up and move to Canada, Taco Bell has you covered. The fast food giant is now offering a Cheetos Crunchwrap Slider, and for just $2.99 in Canadian dollars – that means $2.22 in U.S. dollars. A press release for the miniature menu item states that the product […]