Sadly, it seems that this cycle of violence in the city of Chicago continues.   It seems that whenever there is news to report about the city of Chicago, it’s something incredibly disturbing and disheartening about violence. That’s exactly what happened during the 4th of July weekend, as Chicago once again saw its crime rate increase […]


Ohio pastor Darrell Scott is moving his talked-about summit to address gun violence in Chicago to Washington, D.C. Tuesday after talking with President Donald Trump about the idea in February.

Chicago police are searching for suspects in the gruesome gang rape of a 15-year-old girl that was live streamed on Facebook and watched by 40 people who did not call authorities before the young lady was found. Chi

Chicago prosecutors said Thursday that a woman was charged with first-degree murder after allegedly pouring bleach down her boyfriend's throat and killing him.


Veteran Chicago-area narcotics detectives, John Cichy, 30; Matthew Hudak, 29 and Terrance O’Brien, 47, have all been arrested on charges of partnering with street drug…