This is disturbing and heartbreaking on so many levels.   Some news is so unbelievable and heartbreaking that you almost can’t believe that it’s true. Such is the case with the news of a young girl who was killed after her overweight cousin sat on her as a form of discipline. Florida police are still […]

A judge found a Chicago grandmother guilty of first-degree murder Thursday in the tragic beating death of her 8-year-old granddaughter in 2013.


A missing 3-year-old Canadian boy died Thursday after wandering into -4 degree Fahrenheit temperatures wearing nothing but a T-Shirt, diaper and boots, the Huffington Post…

Police arrested a Washington couple this week on homicide by abuse and assault charges months after their 13-year-old adopted daughter was found dead at their residence. Larry P. Williams and Carri D. Williams’ adopted daughter Hana, who was adopted from Ethiopia in 2008 and came to America in search for a better life, was found […]