The short answer is it depends. Of course, your insurance company may choose not to renew your policy for many reasons. Among those reasons are tickets, accidents or other information which demonstrates that you are a high-risk individual who is likely to make a claim. (Remember insurance companies only make money by taking your […]

Anderson Cooper is not a fan of Kellyanne Conway’s sunshiney spin habits. That much was obvious a few days before the election when he was probably thinking his fresh hell was almost over, and he asked her, “Don’t facts matter?” In the above clip, Cooper catches a perpetual grin (after 1:25) and nearly laughs due […]

Usually, when you enter into a Kentucky Fried Chicken location, you would get what’s expected: Chicken, some or one of the sides, and a drink.  This customer got more than those items, and one that should not be included in a meal. The Smoking Gun reports: “A woman last week contacted Florida cops to report […]

He was seen kicking a lot of vehicles, including some brand new vehicles.   OKLAHOMA CITY — (KOKH) – Police arrested an Oklahoma City man after he allegedly jumped behind the counter of a fast food restaurant and stole food. The Oklahoma City Police Department reports that 36-year-old Dante Rashad Anderson was arrested April 15 […]

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) – For five years, a crossing guard stood on the corner of E. 59th and Mound.  All the kids and parents knew her as their school crossing guard. Then, back in January she told a parent to watch her mouth, and what happened next left the 64-year-old mother and grandmother wounded on […]

KENT, OH (WOIO) – A woman killed in an apartment fire in Kent early Friday morning. Flames sparked just before 1:30AM on West Main Street. Investigators tell 19 Action News the fire started in the living room of the apartment, and completely destroyed the living room. One woman was killed. She has yet to be identified pending family notification. […]