Nancy Pelosi is asking the Capitol Police to take extra care protecting House Rep. Ilhan Omar after Donald Trump shared a tweet playing Omar’s recent comments about the formation of the Council on American-Islamic Relations over video of the September 11 attacks. Trump’s video featured a short clip of the freshman congresswoman saying the words “some people did something” in reference […]

Candace Owens testified during Tuesday’s House Judiciary Committee hearing on white nationalism and hate crimes. And, to absolutely no one’s surprise, things got pretty heated. For those of you who don’t know, Owens is a black conservative who also serves as the director of communications for the right-wing group Turning Point USA. During a speaking event for the […]

If a deal is reached, Sunday is the earliest for votes to take place before Christmas.   Lawmakers are expected to convene Saturday on Capitol Hill, as a plan to fund the government has yet to come to fruition. This comes just a day after members of Congress and President Donald Trump failed to come […]

UPDATE: Paul Ryan held a press conference on Wednesday morning to announce that he won’t seek re-election this fall, confirming reports on the matter. He said that he’s doing so to spend more time with his family, and added that he does not plan to step down from his position as House Speaker between now […]

Congress came to a temporary spending agreement to tend the government shutdown earlier this week (contingent upon a future DACA deal), but this didn’t end well for President Trump because Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer later took the border wall funding offer “off the table.” This has now led to the White House dropping a new proposal for a “path to […]

The day after former A Prairie Home Companion host Garrison Keillor insisted that Sen. Al Franken not resign over multiple accusations of sexual misconduct, the Associated Press reports that he has been fired by Minnesota Public Radio following allegations of “inappropriate behavior.” In an email to the syndicated news outlet, Keillor claimed he had been fired over “a story that I think is […]

President Trump definitely deleted his old tweets about Luther Strange in the wake of the interim senator losing the Alabama Republican runoff to Roy Moore, but Trump’s anger about the candidate he endorsed getting trounced by the candidate Steve Bannon endorsed goes even deeper than huffily (and illegally) deleting presidential records. According to a CNN report spearheaded by Jim Acosta, Trump […]

On Friday the GOP’s latest attempt to repeal and replace Obama’s signature legislation, proved to be unsuccessful.   On Friday with a 49-51 vote, GOP Senate members were again thwarted in their attempt to repeal and replace Obamacare. Three GOP Senators, John McCain (R-Arizona), Susan Collins (R-Maine), Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska), along with all Senate Democrats voted against the bill, offering a […]

Fired FBI Director James Comey said President Trump told him “I need loyalty” when the two had a private dinner at the White House in January. Comey also said he thought the encounter was designed to “create some part of patronage relationship.” “The President said, ‘I need loyalty, I expect loyalty.”’ Comey said in prepared remarks […]

President Trump’s First 100 Days didn’t have much to show in the way of concrete accomplishments, so he definitely did not need a government shutdown in the books (and was preemptively blaming Democrats). He spent last week contradicting himself on the Wall (whether or not it would be funded this year by Congress) and insisting […]

Under the American Health Care Act, 24 million more people would lose coverage by 2026, while the federal deficit would decrease by $337 billion within the nine-year time frame.   On Monday, the Congressional Budget Office unveiled the numbers revealing the cost and impact of the GOP’s proposed ACA replacement, The New York Times reports. According to […]