CLEVELAND — Attorney Thomas J. Connick, of Connick Law LLC in Beachwood, filed a class action in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Ohio against Cincinnati-based Procter & Gamble d/b/a Old Spice. It was filed on behalf of consumers who purchased allegedly defective Old Spice deodorant, which regularly and routinely causes rashes, irritation, burning and […]

It takes so much effort to hold a hamburger up to your mouth, right? We’re joking around, but Burger King isn’t: To celebrate its 50th anniversary in Puerto Rico, the burger chain gave away 50 of these nifty Hands Free Whopper Holders. The item — which is very real but looks like it shouldn’t be […]

CLEVELAND – A controversial teakettle which some say looks like Adolf Hitler has become a hot seller. The kettle sold at JC Penney was designed by Michael Graves and meant to boost the company’s poor sales. As of Thursday morning, the teakettle has sold out online. An eBay customer paid nearly $200 for one, which […]

Poor JC Penney just can’t catch a break. This time, some are accusing it of using Adolf Hitler’s image to boost sales. Two weeks after a consumer investigation found some Penney’s stores placing new higher priced stickers on merchandise, then having a sale on the new higher prices, the troubled chain is now the subject […]

CLEVELAND – To help reduce the risk of identity theft, you can have sensitive documents shredded for free in Cleveland and Avon this week. The United States Postal Inspection Service is providing the free service on Tuesday in Cleveland and Thursday in Avon as part of National Consumer Protection Week. Cleveland’s shredding event will take […]

Apple blogs are abuzz with the hottest rumor during these cold winter days: That the company is working on not one, not two, but three new iPhone models that it plans to release during the next 12 months. The Commercial Times of Taiwan, and China Times, where Apple factories are based, both report the company […]

NEW YORK – McDonald’s used the Dollar Menu to lift its profit in the latest quarter. Now the world’s biggest hamburger chain is turning to a pipeline of new menu items to boost slumping sales, starting with “Fish McBites.” The Oak Brook, Ill.-based company is betting that it will be able to beat back intensifying […]

Is the iPhone no longer cool? That’s the big question many are asking, after a surprise drop in sales. Apple (APPL) stock briefly fell below $500 per share Monday morning on news that iPhone sales are slowing, a sharp drop from its $700 share price last summer. Bloomberg News reports Apple is reducing orders for […]

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) – The price at the pump is expected to soon go up. One of the guys we spoke with while filling their tank says, “Of course unfortunately, the consumer is the one who gets stuck with it.” The current prices were good while they lasted. Another patron at the gas station said, […]

CLEVELAND – It’s 2013 and time to get our financial checkbooks in shape. Deals and offers are a great way to buy what you need without spending too much money. Here’s a look at 11 things that are predicted to drop in price during 2013: 1. Microsoft Surface RT The website dealnews, which tracks deals […]

CLEVELAND – Road maps, newspapers, and phone books are on their way to extinction because of the Internet. Some retail experts say paper receipts could be next. A number of major retailers, including Kmart, Old Navy and Gap Inc., now offer customers the option of receiving electronic receipts that are sent to their e-mail accounts. […]

(WOIO) – It’s a big day for Apple! The iPhone 5 hits store shelves in nine countries, including the U.S. and Canada. Apple’s thinnest and fastest iPhone yet has already broken sales records. Preorders for the iPhone5 topped 2 million in just 24 hours, and analysts expect the company to sell between 5 and 8 million […]