Oh for the love of Maury! Eben Gregory just put us on to a new show called “The Test” which features those who are in need of DNA, lie detector or drug testing. On a recent episode the show featured a guy named Jay. Jay reportedly has 33 children by 17 different women! Now upon reading this, […]

*Brace yourself, this one may be a tad hard to swallow. Orlando Shaw, the Nashville father of 22 children by 14 different women may now get a reality show due to a NewsChannel5 video that went viral on the internet. He hopes the money will help him pay his child support. Hopes? Talk about an extended family. […]

A Tennessee man who has 22 children by 14 women is being sued in what might be one of Nashville’s most expensive child support cases, according to CBS affiliate WTVF. In an interview outside court, Orlando Shaw said he loves all of his kids and considers himself a good father — it’s just that he […]

CLEVELAND – Five fathers were indicted in Cuyahoga County for failing to pay a combined $81,779 in child support. Lebaron Pierce, 33, of Canton, owes $38,554.42 for his 13-year-old. He last made a $70 child support payment in May 2011. Albert Cornell, 52, of Euclid, owes $23,688.28 for his 15-year-old. Cornell last paid $100 in […]

Are You Dating a (Financial) Deadbeat? Ahhh romance! While thoughts of love may be in the summer wind, down here on the ground the financially savvy person might want to give some solid thought to whether their sweetie is in the red or in the black when it comes to their personal finances. While this […]

Deadbeat dads always make for salacious news, but they just might be overshadowing the growing trend of non-resident fathers who are making an effort to stay involved in their children’s lives, reports USA Today. Pennsylvania State University sociologist and demographer Valarie Kong researched changes in father-child contact trends and found that today’s fathers are spending […]