CLEVELAND – Cuyahoga County now has more than $1 billion dollars in outstanding debt according to a report released by The Center for Community Solutions. The report shows Cuyahoga County is $300 million more in debt than Hamilton and Franklin counties, the other two largest counties in the state of Ohio. According to the report, […]

After sorting through his couch cushions for spare change, which is the most relatable thing he’s done in years, Kanye West, who claims he’s $53 million in debt, reached out to Mark Zuckerberg for a small loan. What’s one billion smackers between the CEO of Facebook and Kim Kardashian’s husband? (2016 is a very weird […]

Kanye West is back to doing what no one else in the world can beat him at — being Kanye. The rapper took the stage at SNL over the weekend, making his sixth appearance on the show and performed “Ultra Light Beams,” off his new album The Life Of Pablo. West played “Ultra Light Beams” and the rest […]

Fathers in prison facing high debt over unpaid child support payments will have the opportunity to "press pause" with a new program.

African-American students are paying a big price when it comes to achieving higher education; according to a new report, Blacks acquire the most student loan debt. The National…

Funk legend George Clinton has had a long history of legal woes when it comes to the ownership of his large musical catalogue. While the “Flash Light” creator was awarded his masters back in a the past few years, he was just hit with some disappointing news about said master recordings. The U.S. Court of […]

  EAST CLEVELAND, Ohio – The City of East Cleveland and Rumpke Waste and Recycling Services have come to an agreement Tuesday about a breach in contract over trash collections. Rumpke reported to NewsChannel5 Tuesday the company is excited to announce the confirmation of trash collection to the City of East Cleveland will continue. An agreement was […]

Dionne Warwick arrives at the 1st annual unite4:humanity event at the Sony Pictures Studios in Los Angeles, February 27, 2014 *Dionne Warwick is set to have her debts cleared after filing for bankruptcy last year. The 73-year-old vocalist was declared bankrupt at the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Newark, New Jersey last year after running up […]

  MC Hammer (pictured), a rapper who skyrocketed to fame in the early ’90s then plummeted to near poverty, is on the Fed’s radar again. This time, Hammer reportedly owes hundred of thousands of dollars, according to TMZ. SEE ALSO: UPDATED: Kanye West Slams Satirical Interview Over Mandela Quotes The IRS reportedly sued both Hammer […]

  *She’s back… Former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin popped up at an event in Iowa and compared the federal debt to slavery. “Our free stuff today is being paid for by taking money from our children and borrowing from China,” she said at the Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition’s fall fundraiser at the State […]

  The House Speaker rejects President Barack Obama’s timeline involving the debt ceiling and shutdown.   Washington (CNN) — End the government shutdown and raise the debt ceiling — even for a short period — and I’ll negotiate, President Barack Obama said Tuesday while warning Republicans about the harm from the ongoing partial government shut […]

  He won’t negotiate until the shutdown has concluded and continues to target the Republican Party.   WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama said Tuesday that he is willing to negotiate with Republicans over health care or any other topic, but only after Congress passes a short-term government funding measure and increases the debt limit. “What […]