Siri, show me two people overrated in their fields that have always been surrounded and propped up by more talented people spending their money on something you can’t believe still exists. That’s right — retired Yankees shortstop and failed Presidential candidate Jeb Bush are set to become to the new majority owners of the Miami […]

*Derek Jeter has announced that the 2014 baseball season will be his last. The New York Yankees shortstop broke the news on his Facebook page Wednesday, stating he will retire at the end of next season. It signals the end of what will be a 17-year career for a player impervious to scandal, even as […]

Looks like Jeter’s old boo will have more free time to get chopped down by him on weekends… The very crappily made remake of Charlie’s Angels has stopped filming and is headed to cancellation already. Ouch! “A network representative says the show will continue to air on Thursdays, filling the 8 p.m. slot with an […]