Marion ‘Suge’ Knight, former CEO of Death Row Records, is under fire again as attention is redirected towards a HIV/AIDS joke he made over a decade ago about N.W.A…

South Indiana is under major pressure to create a medical safety blanket after it was revealed Gov. Mike Pence would declare a health emergency over the…

  The Centers for Disease Control says the virus needs to be stopped in West Africa, where it originated.   OAKLAND, CA (KGO/CNN) – As a second healthcare worker is diagnosed with Ebola, a nurses’ union is making some major allegations against a Dallas hospital, where the first U.S. Ebola death occurred. Amid concerns about […]

  Richard Thomas was not aware his victim even had the disease.   A convicted rapist collapsed after police told him he may have contracted HIV from the woman he assaulted. The BBC reports that Richard Thomas, 27, was sentenced last week to five years and four months for raping a woman while she slept. […]

*“Basketball Wives” star Royce Reed says Dwight Howard took off with their 6-year-old son and won’t tell her where he is. The biggest problem with this situation according to Reed is that her son, Braylon, is without his meds. Reed requested an emergency hearing from the courts with claims that Braylon went to California to […]

*Soul legend Bobby Womack is battling the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease, according to a repot in Britain’s The Sun newspaper. The 68-year-old singer/songwriter has been struggling to remember names and song titles in recent months and doctors informed him he is showing the first symptoms of the degenerative condition. “The doctor says there are […]

As the health community geared up to recognize National Women and Girls HIV Awareness Day today, startling new research revealed that the disease is five times more prevalent among African-American women than previously thought. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that 1 in 32 African-American women will be diagnosed with HIV in […]

After 30 years of the HIV pandemic, one might think that terms such as "community collaboration" and "community participation" would be commonplace among those fighting the disease. But in many communities across the country, this is not the case. In fact, the clock seems to be rolling back to the early days, when the opinions and actions of a small minority marginalized the voices of those who were most impacted by the global pandemic. Make no mistake: many people are indeed living longer with HIV disease as a result of improved treatments. But with all of the dynamic shifts in HIV treatment, prevention, and policy, it is especially disheartening -- and, we would say, dangerous -- that women, black gay men, people of color, heterosexual men, transgender individuals and, most notably, Black organizations still must fight to be heard by the decision makers who develop, implement, and allocate funding for HIV-related policies and programs.

HIV/AIDS is a part of our family.  As is the case with an eccentric relative (and we all have a weird uncle), even though we may be embarrassed by him, we do have to own him.  It may make some of us uncomfortable to discuss this topic but there is no doubt – HIV/AIDS is […]

Two independent teams of researchers have come up with the most accurate genetic maps ever made — a feat that should make the search for genes associated with diseases easier. To understand why an accurate genetic map is useful, imagine you are trying to locate a house in Topeka, Kan., but the only map you […]

Letting sleeping dogs — and cats — lie could make you sick, a paper to be published by a U.S. Centers for Disease Control journal warns. That pet in your bed could be passing on meningitis, toxocariasis or cat-scratch disease, among others. “We don’t want to scare people, but especially for children and people with […]

The Heart Association came to The Radio-One annual Health Fair to share with us the number one killer of women in America and what women can do to prevent it. HEART DISEASE: Choose to Reduce Your Risk Stop Smoking How Can I Quit Smoking? How Can I Handle the Stress of Not Smoking? How Can […]