Dr. Ben Carson

The talk show host says that #45 is committed to providing affordable housing to low-income Americans. Whatever you say Sir.

The talk show host says that #45 is committed to providing affordable housing to low-income Americans. Whatever you say Sir.   Steve Harvey stays not learning his lesson when it comes to defending Donald Trump. First he met with him, then told Black folks to respect him and now he’s insisting that #45 is keeping his […]

The retired neurosurgeon will oversee the $47 billion agency that oversees all federal housing in the U.S.   Hours after Donald Trump nominated Ben Carson as secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the former Republican presidential candidate and retired neurosurgeon accepted the position, according to a tweet by Dan Scavino, a senior advisor […]

Dr. Ben Carson has taken his failed presidential candidate talents elsewhere. Last week, the former neurosurgeon spoke at the Pensmore National Symposium on Religious Liberty and suggested that America is at the height of violent unrest due to the legalization of same-sex marriage. At the conference, the Seventh-day Adventist Christian told conservatives to fight against an ‘ever-growing government’ for […]

Blindsided by the furor his comments provoked on the Right and Left, neurosurgeon Ben Carsonapologized Wednesday for saying that homosexuality is a choice. The possible 2016 Republican presidential candidate issued the apology in a Facebook post. He wrote that his word choice “does not reflect fully my heart on gay issues. I do not pretend […]

Ben Carson (pictured), a retired world-renowned neurosurgeon, author, political activist and prospective Republican presidential candidate has given his stamp of approval on the much-debated issue…


Retired neurosurgeon, conservative pundit and potential 2016 presidential candidate (says who?) Dr. Ben Carson said recently in an interview with American Family Radio that he…


It looks like Dr. Ben Carson may be the first candidate to throw himself into the ring for the 2016 Presidential race. No official announcement…

Black conservatives are starting their own right-wing digital magazine for African-Americans just in time for the November congressional and gubernatorial elections. The weekly online magazine…

Last week, Dr. Ben Carson said Obamacare is the “worst thing” since “slavery”. Well, Tom and the crew think slaves would disagree!  

Comedian Chris Paul gives us his hilarious take on the day’s hottest topics including rapper DMX reciting bible verses with a fan.

  *Dr. Benjamin Carson has drank the conservative Kool-Aid and he obviously loves it. The acclaimed neurosurgeon  and recent Fox News hire on Friday compared Obamacare to of all things, slavery at the Voter Values Summit on Friday. Carson, who’s shown he has no respect for the president when he dissed the Affordable Care (Obamacare) […]