CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) – The Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association is set to announce it will back city councilman, Zack Reed for Cleveland mayor. Reed snagged the No. 2 spot in the mayoral primary in September and will face the incumbent, Mayor Frank Jackson in the general election. Sources confirmed the CPPA will support the challenger and plans to make the […]

Blocking the street in front of Cleveland’s major police union, demonstrators who weren’t on board with a big decision from Cleveland’s Police Patrolmen’s Association, protested. In an unprecedented move to support a US Presidential candidate, the CPPA voted to endorse Donald Trump. The results came down early Saturday morning with 216 members voting for Trump […]

A lot of cooler things have happened this past Olympics than Ryan Lochte lying about getting robbed. But that’s been the biggest story thus far, with it coming to a head on Saturday night in an embarrassing scenario where he was dressed down by Matt freaking Lauer of all people. Now, even though the Olympic […]

Trump's refusal to throw his support behind Ryan and McCain signifies further tension within the GOP--recently highlighted at the RNC two weeks ago.

Sanders officially endorsed Clinton for president and vowed to help her take down Donald Trump.   The writing has been on the wall for a while that former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders would have to concede to rival Hillary Clinton and it happened today. Sanders officially endorsed Clinton for president and vowed to help […]

Is this the push the presidential candidate needs?   Will Oprah Winfrey’s Midas touch work for presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton? We will have to wait and see, but the media mogul just endorsed the former secretary of state for the Oval Office, Huffington Post reports. “I really believe that is going to happen,” the talk show icon told Entertainment Tonight on Wednesday. “I’m […]

Clinton’s one-time Presidential competitor, who had picked her to be his first Secretary of State, has now shown his support in a new YouTube, all but ending Bernie Sanders’ campaign.  WASHINGTON, D.C.–  President Barack Obama endorsed Democratic presumptive presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in a web video Thursday. “I don’t think there’s ever been someone so […]

Democratic Ohio Rep. Marcia Fudge said Clinton is a better candidate for Blacks on national security and economic security.   Noting Hillary Clinton‘s accomplishments on economic security for African-Americans, among other things, members of the Congressional Black Caucus plan to endorse the Democratic presidential candidate on Thursday. Politico describes the announcement as a coup, saying the Black […]

  CLEVELAND – Ed FitzGerald just got a big boost in his campaign for Ohio’s governor. Thursday morning, on the steps of Cleveland City Hall, Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson announced his support for FitzGerald. Jackson joined other area leaders at a news conference, saying FitzGerald understands the issues facing our area and would make good […]

  *It’s not what he would have preferred, but Jay Z, under relentless pressure to end his association with luxury retailer Barneys New York, which is accused of racial profiling, has finally spoken out. Basically Jay Z says he was waiting to respond after he got the full understanding of what went down. Saturday, in […]

Rick Ross believes he deserves a second chance. He’s also in pain because he stands to lose a lot of money, plain and simple. Sources…

Sarah Palin offered GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney her endorsement on her Facebook page late Sunday night, just 24 hours before Election Day. The former Republican vice presidential nominee penned a lengthy statement about the bearing of this year’s election on the future of the country. She did not actually mention Romney until the 14th […]